If you are interested in doing your PhD with MOLA, please read the following five papers, and choose three to write a response for. In your response, you should briefly summarize the article, discuss its strengths and the short-comings, and outline how you would build on the work.
Please note that, because of the interdisciplinary nature of MOLA, we are aware that it is unlikely that an applicant will have strong training in all of our areas of interest. Accordingly, a competitive applicant might have a strong background in only one of these areas and a demonstrable interest and aptitude for the others. For psychology applicants, some basic programming experience is highly recommended (the more the better), however you needn’t have double majored in psychology and computer science. For computer science applicants, we would hope that you are interested in applying CS methods to problems related to human behavior and psychology, but, similarly, you needn’t have advanced experience in these latter areas.